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Through-Purge Kit

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AGM's Through-Purge Kit is a simple 2-point dry gas purging kit for removing unwanted moisture from a sealed container or enclosure. It includes the necessary fitting, valves, and hoses to connect a dry gas source to a container, and an electronic sensor that measures the dewpoint (dryness level) of the exhaust gas as it exits the container. The container and dry gas source are not included in the kit.

The kit includes the following items:

Two Schrader-type filler valves, for installation on the container to be purged.  These valves provide convenient connection points for the dry gas hose and exhaust hose, and these valves seal the container when the hoses have been removed upon the completion of the purge.

A hose assembly for connecting the dry gas source to the Schrader-type valve on the container.  One end of the hose assembly has a 1/4 male NPT fitting for connecting to the dry gas source.

An exhaust hose assembly that includes an electronic humidity sensor for monitoring the dewpoint of the exhaust gas.  The humidity sensor provides an indication of the dryness level of the environment inside the container

A flow control valve and pressure gauge on the sensor chamber that provide a means of adjusting the duration that dry gas resides in the container and a visual indication that the internal pressure in the sensor chamber does not exceed the 15 psi limit of the electronic humidity sensor.

Alternative fittings and adapters are available.  Contact AGM's Engineering Department for available options.

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