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TA495VENT Filtered Vent

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The TA495VENT filtered vent provides a free-breathing solution to completely equalize the internal pressure of the container with the environment while providing filtration down to 25 microns. The weather shielding cover protects the 25 micron filter element from wind driven rain and dust, preventing contaminants from entering the container. Additional filter options are available (HEPA and others). Contact AGM’s Engineering Department if you require a different level of filtration.

Materials and Finish:

Cover, housing, and spanner nut:   black anodized aluminum.
Washer:   conversion coated aluminum.
Screws:   stainless steel.
Filter:   polyester.
O-ring:   IAW MS28775 (MIL-P-25732).

Mounting Requirements: Each vent is provided with a gasket, washer and spanner nut for mounting.

Recommended mounting hole diameter:   4.015” - 4.030” (102.0 – 102.4 mm)
Spanner nut installation torque:   100-150 in.-lbs (11.3 – 16.9 Nm)
Maximum wall thickness:   0.30" (7.62 mm)
Minimum wall thickness:   0.03" (.762 mm)

Please contact AGM’s Engineering Dept if you need a non-standard item such as an alternate material, finish, or a different level of filtration.

TA495Vent Drawing

Additional information

Mounting Hole Diameter

4.015” - 4.030” (102.0 – 102.4 mm)

Spanner Nut Installation Torque

100-150 in.-lbs (11.3 – 16.9 Nm)

Maximum Wall Thickness

0.30 (7.62 mm)

Minimum Wall Thickness

0.03 (.762 mm)

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