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TA211 Thumbtack Valve


The TA211 breather valve, also known as a Thumbtack™ valve, is a low-cost plastic press-in style valve that provides one-way pressure relief. Standard settings range from 0 psid to 1.5 psid cracking pressure.

The valve is tamper-proof and requires no field maintenance.

Materials and Finish: Corrosion-resistant materials are used throughout. Housing and Cap are made of ABS plastic. Elastomeric insert is made of silicone rubber.

Mounting Requirements:

Mounting hole diameter: Valve presses into a 0.323″ (8.20 mm) diameter hole (Drill size P)
Minimum wall thickness: 0.10 (2.54 mm)
Maximum wall thickness: No limit

Contact AGM's Engineering department for information on NEMA and IP ratings.

Download Thumbtack Valve White Paper

AGM also offers the TA210 thumbtack valve, which is a two-way pressure relief version of this valve.

Additional information

Mounting Hole Diameter

0.323" (8.20 mm)

Cracking Pressure Range

0 - 1.5 PSID

Minimum Wall Thickness

0.10" (2.54 mm)

Maximum Wall Thickness

No Limit

IP/NEMA Rating

Contact AGM's Engineering Department for information on NEMA and IP Ratings.

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