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Molecular Sieve 8 x 12 Mesh

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8 x 12 mesh
8 x 12 mesh

Molecular Sieve 8x12 Mesh desiccants are extremely effective at removing water from liquids and gases. Molecular sieve is even more effective silica gel or activated alumina desiccants, because of their crystalline composition; they can create virtually water-free products. Molecular sieves are very useful in cryogenic operations where liquefaction of gases is required and water must be eliminated to avoid freezing.

Molecular sieves offer a variety of adsorption selectivity based on molecular size, molecular affinity for the sieve crystal surface, and shape of the molecule. Using a Molecular sieve system is exceptionally uncomplicated for diminishing impurities to practically indiscernible levels compared to other liquid separation systems. The ease of use and superior efficiency when compared to other adsorption systems makes the most popular engineering solution a molecular sieve system.

Molecular sieve can be regenerated by heating it to 320°C for 24 hours.

AGM's Molecular Sieve 8x12 Mesh is available in various angstroms: Type 4A and Type 13X.

To determine the best size for your application, please refer to our Mesh Size Equivalents Chart.

Additional information

Weight 330 lbs
Container Weight

330 lbs (140 kg)


13X, 4A





Standard Packaging

1 Drum

Desiccant Type

Molecular Sieve

Mesh Size

8 x 12

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