Custom Breather Valves

The products below are for reference only and are presented to show the various configurations and materials produced by AGM. Contact AGM to discuss your specific application.

V1. AGM’s smallest breather valve, one-way only. Clear anodized aluminum.
V2. Small custom, one-way valve with round flange. Black anodized aluminum.
V3. Plastic injection molded, weather-shielded version of the TA292 two-way series. Blue polyplienelyne sulfide (PPS).
V4. Modified TA292 two-way with filtered breathing.
V5. Two-way automatic valve utilizing FDA approved materials for use with food packaging and food-related materials.
V6. Modified TA333 with round flange. Black anodized aluminum body with light OD anodized cover.
V7. Modified TA333 with removable pressure-tight dust cap on a lanyard. Valve components are black anodized aluminum. Lanyard is stainless steel.
V8. TA750 style, one-way breather valve with customer adjustment capability. Conversion coated aluminum casting.
V9. An ABS plastic version of our standard TA770 two-way breather valve, but without a cover. As shown, it is without threads. However, threaded versions are available.
V10. Low-pressure, high flow, one-way breather valve. Clear anodized aluminum.