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Container Dri II Desiccant helps keep cargo dry and viable

Keeping That Cargo Dry & Viable

A major concern for overseas shippers is excessive moisture, a common problem for cargo subjected to drastic changes in humidity. Eliminating moisture damage can protect

Container Dri II desiccant was developed specifically to combat condensation during long-haul transport via sea, air or land.

Desiccant Dries Up Del Monte Damage

Protecting primary packages from condensation and moisture damage when shipping product halfway across the globe is no easy feat. Pineapple canned at its source in

Reusable Banding Straps

Reusable Banding Straps

AGM’s 1″ reusable banding straps utilize the KevLok® over-center tensioning buckle. It is a loop strap with a quick-disconnect. Made with 2,500 lb. tensile bulked

Beehive Tie Down Straps

Beehive Tie Downs

Now there is a method of securing your beehives during transport that: Won’t damage your beehives Doesn’t require any tools Is adjustable Won’t aggravate your bees