Breather Valve TA796

TA796 High-Flow Pressure Relief ValveThe TA796 high-flow pressure relief valve is designed to offer the maximum air flow possible for a 4-inch diameter valve. It achieves this flow with its unique, patent-pending design that utilizes powerful rare earth magnets instead of the compression springs found on a conventional breather valve. The magnets allow the valve to open quickly and completely once the initial opening resistance is overcome.

This valve is commonly used for rapid decompression or explosive decompression events, where it is necessary to vent a container or enclosure quickly to prevent dangerous pressure buildups. These events are typically due to a sudden loss of pressure inside an airplane fuselage, but the TA796 can be used in any application where rapid air venting is required.

The TA796 valve is hardier than most other products that are meant to provide protection during decompression events. For example, a blow-out membrane can be damaged by impact from material handling equipment such as a forklift, by accidental contact with protuberances on other containers, or by incidental pressure events. Additionally, blow-out membranes are not reusable. By contrast, the sturdy aluminum construction of the TA796 stands up to rough handling, and the valve will reseal automatically after relieving excess pressure spikes providing virtually unlimited reuse.

The chart below shows the typical flow performance for the TA796 valve. The dashed lines show varying cracking (opening) points. The dotted line shows the performance of a spring-actuated valve of the same size, for comparison purposes.

AGM's TA796 High-Flow Pressure Relief Valve versus Pressure Performance Graph

Materials of Construction:

Housing, Cover, Washer and Nut: Anodized Aluminum Alloys 
Cover Screws: Stainless Steel
Float and Magnet Support (not shown): Glass-filled Polycarbonate
Magnets: Nickel-plated Neodymium Iron Boron
Return Spring: Phosphor Bronze
Gasket and Internal Seal: Silicone

Mounting Requirements:

Mounting Hole Diameter: 4.050 ± .04 (103 ± 1 mm)
Maximum Wall Thickness: .50 (13 mm)
Housing and nut have hook spanner notches. Use a 4.5-inch hook spanner wrench for the nut and a 5.25-inch hook spanner wrench for the housing.

Cracking ranges available (psid): 0.1-1.5

TA796 High-Flow Pressure Relief Valve Drawing