Breather Valve TA761

Patent Pending

TA761 High-Flow Pressure Relief ValveSimilar to AGM’s TA796 valve, the TA761 is a high-flow magnet valve that achieves higher flow rates than are available in a comparably sized spring-actuated valve. The TA761 has full flow instantly, making it the ideal solution for rapid decompression applications. This high flow also means that fewer valves are required per container when compared to comparably sized spring-actuated valves.

AGM’s TA761 magnet breather valves have a predictable, repeatable opening pressures, and a high flow can be achieved regardless of the opening pressure, as compared to spring-actuated valves.

AGM's TA761 High-Flow Pressure Relief Valve versus Spring-Actuated valves and AGM's TA770 valve performance chart

Materials of Construction:

Housing, Cover, Washer and Nut: Anodized Aluminum Alloys 
Cover Screws: Stainless Steel
Float and Magnet Support (not shown): Glass-filled Polycarbonate
Magnets: Nickel-plated Neodymium Iron Boron
Return Spring: Phosphor Bronze
Gasket and Internal Seal: Silicone

Mounting Requirements:

Mounting Hole Diameter: 2.050 ± .04 (50.8 ± 1 mm)
Maximum Wall Thickness: .75 (19 mm)
Housing has hook spanner notches.

Cracking ranges available (psid): 0.1-1.0

TA761 Drawing

TA761 High-Flow Pressure Relief Valve Drawing