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Saver™ 9X30 Embedded GPS- Shock & Vibration Environment Recorder

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Our most powerful instrument, the SAVER™ 9X30 Embedded GPS Recorder captures drops, impacts, vehicle motion, and vibration. The SAVER 9X30 Embedded GPS Recorder is a self-powered Field Data Recorder that provides "best in class" 16 bit resolution on each of 9 dynamic channels capable of recording for 30 days. It's the ultimate resource for defining, characterizing, and visualizing transport, distribution, and use environments.

This instrument provides up to nine dynamic channels (3 internal and 6 external), while also recording temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure along with optional GPS input capabilities. The SAVER 9X30 Embedded GPS Recorder measures unattended and continually for up to 30 days. An internal clock marks the exact time when each event occurs.

  • Monitor high value / high profile shipments
  • Define “normal” shipping conditions
  • Create new testing standards based on actual measurements
  • Audit transit / logistics environments to verify carrier handling practices
  • Fortify risk management
  • Measure vehicle dynamics
  • Define product use environments by measuring "actual" conditions
  • Road quality monitoring
  • Motorsports - race accident measurements - "black box"
  • Aerospace - asset monitoring
  • Flight testing
  • Ordnance transport / handling monitoring
  • Proving ground testing
  • Ground vibration measurements

Additional information

Product Size

5.0" x 4.9" x 1.7" (127 x 124 x 43 mm)


35 ounces (1 kg)

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