Saver™ 3D15 Shock & Vibration Environment Recorder
SKU: W20000-00-04

Saver™ 3D15 Shock & Vibration Environment Recorder


There are specific applications which require measurement tools with very low frequency response capability. For instance, amusement park rides, aerospace flight applications, rail-car coupling impacts, and vehicle crash testing all possess unique dynamic characteristics; low frequency response, long duration, constant acceleration. Instruments using hardware/accelerometers with DC-response are best suited to accurately and precisely measure these low frequency dynamics. The SAVER 3D15 uses MEMS technology accelerometers, possessing DC-response measurement capability.

The SAVER 3D15 uses the identical chassis and casing as the industry leading measurement instrument, the 3X90. Traditionally, the power requirement for DC-response hardware has limited their field applications, however its innovative design allows for 15 days of continual run time on one set of batteries.

Field Applications:

  • Rail impact recording
  • Roller coaster measurements
  • Aerospace dynamic analysis
  • Crash recording
  • Brake testing
  • Seismic measurements

Measurement and Analysis Applications:

  • Define product’s in-use environmental characteristics
  • Capture time history and frequency data to replicate in a laboratory
  • Verify existing and create new test standards based on actual measurements
  • Define a packaged product’s transportation hazards and characteristics
  • Improve package performance
  • Maximize risk management procedures
  • Define “normal” and “abnormal” shipping conditions
  • Audit transit environments to identify carrier handling practices
  • Assess transport liability

Additional Information

Product Size

3.7" x 2.9" x 1.7" (95 x 74 x 43 mm)