Filtered Storage Bag Vents
SKU: BL/D8744

Filtered Storage Bag Vents


Filtered Storage Bag Vents prevent over-pressure caused by outgassing of a product during and after processing. Many products evolve gasses and vapors as a result of their manufacture and processing. Nitrogen is one example of a gas that is released after processing, particularly if it has been used for blanketing purposes to eliminate moisture and humidity and inhibit oxygen.

The integral non-return valve allows gas to escape from the bulk container or vessel, but prevents inward flow from the atmosphere external to the bag which could contaminate the product. Pressure changes caused by temperature variations are also equalized during use and operation. There is a sintered plastic filter that guards against any product inside the bag being released and protects the non-return valve's effective operation. The filter can withstand side loads and shock (up to 30 g) during filling and transportation.

Filtered Storage Bag Vents can be directly mounted into gas tap flanges or can be bulkhead mounted with an adapter flange. Filtered Storage Bag Vents operate automatically and require no maintenance.  They are manufactured with materials that are FDA approved and certified for use and contact with food products. They can be sterilized for re-use.

Typical applications include protecting storage bags that contain milk powder, fruit juices, and food aggregates.

Weight: 0.066 lbs. (30 grams)
Temperature: -4°F to 176°F (-20°C to 80°C)
Materials: Housing-Polyacetal; Valve-Silicone Rubber; Filter-HDPE
Mounting: Flange or Bulkhead
Shock: Up to 30 g
Filtration: 20 microns nominal
Static Load (axial): 10 kg