Sentinel Reservoir Breathers
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Sentinel Reservoir Breathers


Sentinel Reservoir Breathers protect products and materials from contamination while reducing odors. Units are reusable.  Reservoir desiccant breathers contain a mixture of blue indicating silica gel and carbon, but may be supplied with a mixture of orange silica gel and carbon, upon request.

AGM's Sentinel Reservoir Breathers protect any organic material that should remain dry. The carbon will adsorb odors that normally tend to escape.

Typical uses include: gearboxes, hydraulic reservoirs, or other storage devices containing aromatic hydrocarbons or odor causing materials that need moisture protection.

Not intended for protection of organic solvents as the materials of construction are polycarbonate.

BL/D9714 Drawing

Sentinel Reservoir Breather

Additional Information

Desiccant Charge

2 lbs, 4 lbs

Desiccant Type

Mixture (silica gel & carbon)

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