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H2OLock Advanced Desiccant

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AGM's H2OLock Advanced Desiccant are desiccant blocks that are machined into complex geometries to fit your precise application. As each solution is custom-crafted to meet your exact requirements, our desiccant engineers can work with you to develop a functional solution.

AGM offers solid desiccants, formed by extrusion or compression molding techniques, that can increase the moisture adsorption capacity in a volume by greater than 25% (compared to traditional bagged desiccants in the same space). They may be composed of a base polymer, (such as nylon, polypropylene and others), channeling agents, and an activated desiccant (either molecular sieve or silica gel).

AGM also offers solid desiccants that have a much slower adsorption rate, enabling them to be exposed on the workbench for several hours without appreciable loss of moisture adsorption capacity. These materials generate no appreciable dust, and cannot be regenerated using heat.

Our engineers specialize in developing desiccant solutions for complex applications.  Contact us today to design your custom solution!


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