H2OLock Advanced Desiccant
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H2OLock Advanced Desiccant


H2OLock Standard Shapes

AGM stocks H2OLock in standard sizes for customers who require rapid delivery of samples for evaluation.

H2OLock, AGM P/N
Dimensions (Inches, Nominal)
2” Diameter X 1” Tall
2.75" Long x 1.10" Wide x 0.75" Tall
2.75" Long x 1.10" Wide x 1.00" Tall
0.34” Diameter X 0.20” Tall


Compressive Strength, Moisture Adsorption, and Adaptable Form Factor Combine in AGM’s H2OLock Pressed Desiccant

H2OLock features high compressive strength and moisture adsorption control to provide a unique desiccant capable of protecting advanced equipment from moisture, while delivering structural support for reducing overall product weight. Furthermore, the composition of H2OLock allows the desiccant to be compressed or machined into varying sizes and shapes, ensuring a proper fit for products with volumes of nearly any size or geometry.

H2OLock pressed desiccant is available in custom made to order sizes and shapes as well as desiccant pucks. AGM’s H2OLock pressed desiccant is a suitable replacement for NatraSorb 900 and other similar desiccant products. H2OLock pressed desiccant is designed to provide an optimum balance between strength, adsorption rate, moisture capacity, and thermal resistance.

H2OLock Adsorption Rate Graph

How it’s Made: A Composite Desiccant

H2OLock is a composite desiccant comprised of 4A molecular sieve and heat resistant binders. The desiccant’s composition provides H2OLock with:

  • A serviceable maximum temperature of 150°C (302°F)
  • Compressive strength of 6,000 psi
  • High-performance moisture adsorptive capabilities

Due to its durability, H2OLock can operate as a structural component and moisture adsorber in one, frequently replacing plastic and metal parts, insulators, shock pads, and many other pieces.

Ideal for Restricted Spaces and Complex Geometries

H2OLock’s composition allows for shaping through compression or machining the desiccant in the factory. This feature makes H2OLock pressed desiccant ideal for moisture control in projects with demanding space and shape constraints.

Adsorption Rate

At 25°C (77°F) with 50% relative humidity, H2OLock can adsorb up to 2.9 grams of water per cubic inch.

Desiccant Regeneration: H20Lock Pressed Desiccant

Regenerating desiccants can be an attractive solution compared to constantly purchasing more desiccant. Below, we provide a quick summary of the process for regenerating H20Lock desiccants (note that the process differs between desiccant types). For greater details of the process (i.e. temperatures, vacuum levels, heating durations, etc.) see the Regeneration Instruction's PDF in the next section).

Required Equipment:

  • Vacuum Oven
  • Roughing Pump
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Airtight Container

Basic Regeneration Procedure:

  1. Place H20Lock pieces into heated oven
  2. Bring oven to required vacuum level
  3. Heat the desiccant pieces for a minimum of 24 hours
  4. Take out a piece, weight it and record the weight.
  5. Place piece back into the oven and continue to heat desiccant for another 6 hours
  6. Weigh the same desiccant piece again.
    • If the weight has decreased by greater than 0.1%, replace the piece and continue to cook another 6 hours
    • If the weight has decreased by less than 0.1%, then the desiccant is considered regenerated
  7. Transfer all pieces to the container to cool to room temperature

For greater detail on the procedure outlined above, consult the below PDF Regeneration Instruction. If you have further questions, please contact AGM!