Flower Dry Silica Gel
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Flower Dry Silica Gel


Popular among the crafting community, the art of flower and foliage drying is used to preserve bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, wreaths, floral arraignments, holiday decorations, herbs, seeds, and much more both for practical reasons, as well as personal reasons. Flower drying allows an individual to preserve memories for a lifetime, while also providing an easy method for creating inexpensive decorations, such as potpourri. While there are many ways to dry and preserve flowers, flower dry silica gel can be more efficient as it draws out the moisture from the plant material with less discoloration and fading than hang drying or pressing.

Silica gel enables one to easily dry flowers within a matter of a few days and in doing so the three dimensional shape of and color of the flower is maintained during the drying process.

AGM offers a beaded flower dry silica gel, which is a mixture of blue indicating and white non-indicating silica gel beads. AGM’s flower dry silica gel is available in a small bead size ranging from 0.08-0.6 mm, which is beneficial to the flower drying process as it has less of a physical impact on delicate flowers.

Whether you are drying individual flower petals or fully intact flower heads, it is important to remember to use a smaller bead size, such as AGM’s flower dry silica gel, as using larger silica gel beads can sometimes cause damage to your flowers during the drying process due to the weight and size of the desiccant.

The blue indicating element of AGM’s silica gel mixture serves as an easy-to-read indicator that will change to a pink color when the beads have reached their full adsorption capacity. Such visual indication will enable the user to easily identify when the silica gel needs to be replaced.

The basic process for drying flowers with silica gel is to gently place the petals or blossoms, along with the flower dry silica gel, into a non-corrosive, air-tight container. Depending on the type and fragility of flower(s) being dried, you may need to position your flower(s) either under a layer of silica gel or on top of the silica gel.

It is important to keep in mind that not all types of flowers can easily be dried using silica gel. Some flowers, such as Daffodils, Crocuses, Irises and Tulips, are difficult to dry using silica gel because they have a high moisture contact. Therefore, trying to use silica gel to dry these types of flowers may require some experimentation or prolonged use of a drying agent.

The following list contains some of the types of flowers that are best preserved by using AGM’s flower dry silica gel:

Roses, Pansies, Daises, Peonies, Azaleas, Freesia, Grape Hyacinths, Lily of the Valley, Orchids, Primroses, Queen Anne’s Lace, Larkspur, Grasses, Carnations, Bachelor Buttons, Foliage, Celosias, Gomphrena, Zinnias, Asters, Marigolds, Dahlias, Geraniums, Chrysanthemums and Delphiniums.

Additional Information

Weight 55 lbs
Desiccant Type

Silica Gel

Standard Packaging

1 Sack

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Type A Commercial Grade



Bead Size

0.08 – 0.6 mm



Container Weight

55 lbs (25 kg)