Desiccant Bags
SKU: CustomBaggedDesiccant

Desiccant Bags


With our benchtop heat seal machine, AGM can produce custom desiccant bags in non-standard bag sizes, up to 11.3" x 11.3" (interior dimensions), for low quantity requirements and development work leading to production volumes. The bag material is coated Tyvek® and may be filled with molecular sieve or silica gel (if your application requires bentonite clay, please contact AGM's Engineering Department to determine availability).

AGM also offers custom desiccant bags filled with either silica gel or molecular sieve (10, 15, 20 lbs) for larger volumes of air that needs to be dehumidified.A variety of sizes, bag materials, and configurations are available upon request.

AGM continues to offer custom sewn bags for non-standard shapes and larger sized bags. Please contact us with your specific requirements.