Container Dri®II Plus
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Container Dri®II Plus


Container Dri® II Plus (AGM Part number 25421027685) is a desiccant bag that is used for the reduction of dew point and the control of condensation within a shipping container or other large container. Container Dri II Plus is comprised of a blanket of twelve 125-gram compartments of Container Dri II. These bags are made with an outer protective envelope, powerful strapping system, and a locking hook for hanging in sea containers, rail cars or river barges.

Container Dri II is made up of calcium chloride desiccant in a Tyvek substrate, which can trap up to 150% of its weight in moisture. The Container Dri II Plus bags are designed with a flexible packaging film that allows water vapor to enter and be concentrated into a thick gel, thus absorbing moisture that would otherwise cause condensation and possibly form mold or mildew. These bags are non-toxic and may be disposed of with regular waste and packaging materials.

Usage Requirements:
Bags are 1500 grams and each carton contains 6 bags. Recommended usage is 3 bags for a standard 20-foot shipping container and 6 bags for a standard 40-foot container.

Recommended usage could be adjusted based on travel time, weather conditions, temperature variations, and final destination may significantly affect the levels of relative humidity encountered during the voyage.

Additional Information

Dimensions 22 × 18 in
Standard Packaging

6 per carton

Gram Size

1500 grams

Desiccant Type

Calcium Chloride/Starch

Container Weight

28 lbs (12.7 kg)

Complies With

FDA Approved

Product Size

6 bags/carton

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