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5-10-15% Reversible Humidity Indicator Card


This reversible Humidity Indicator Card is designed for use in the semiconductor and electronics industry. As the humidity increases, the chemically impregnated spots change from a blue color (DRY), through a lavender, to a pink color (HUMID). As the humidity decreases, the spots change from a pink color (HUMID), through a lavender, back to a blue color (DRY).

Each of these cards is accurate to ±5% relative humidity (RH) at 75°F (24°C). Other humidity combinations are available by special order.

NOTE: This card has been impregnated with a chemical that may cause corrosion of some metals; therefore, AGM recommends that the card not be placed in direct contact with metal objects.

Additional information

Product Size

2.00" x 3.00"

Standard Packaging

125 per pint


Blue to Pink

Rectangular Card RH

5% 10% 15%

Card Type


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