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50-90% Maximum & Reversible Humidity Indicator Card


The MXC56789 Maximum Humidity Indicator Card was designed for applications which require monitoring the maximum humidity attained when exposed for a period of 24 hours or more. Each level of humidity indicated on these cards is represented by a blue crystal which dissolves when the relavtive humidity (RH) level exceeds the humidity shown below it. When the crystals dissolve, they create a large blue spot above the indicated humidity.

Example: If the highest humidity level reached is 70% RH, then all circles up to and including 70% will have dissolved crystals and the area surrounding each circle will be stained blue.

Additional information

Rectangular Card RH

50% - 90%

Product Size

4.50" x 4.50"


Blue to Pink

Card Type

Reversible and Non-Reversible

Standard Packaging

25 per gallon

Previous Part Number


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