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1 unit Molecular Sieve Unit Pak

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The 1 unit Molecular Sieve Unit Pak meets Mil Spec 3464 Type I & II, is also FDA approved for direct food contact and can be used in a wide range of industries from military/government to consumer applications

These Molecular Sieve Unit Paks are desiccant bags housed in a Tyvek® substrate which is extremely strong and hard to tear, non-dusting and has superior print quality.

Molecular Sieve is considered the most aggressive and expensive desiccant and is comprised of a manufactured crystalline version of zeolite containing a network of uniform pores and empty cavities.

These 1 unit Molecular Sieve Unit Paks are packaged and shipped 300 bags per pail.

Additional information

Unit Size


Product Type

Unit Pak

Desiccant Type

Molecular Sieve

Product Size

4.5" x 3.0"

Cubic Feet Protected


Standard Packaging

300 per pail



Complies With

MIL-D-3464 Type I and II, FDA Approved



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