Custom Molded Desiccant

Custom Machined & Molded Desiccant

Custom machined and molded desiccant for your complex requirements

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AGM's advanced machining capabilities can now be leveraged to machine desiccant blocks into complex geometries to fit your precise application.  As each solution is custom-crafted to meet your exact requirements, our desiccant engineers can work with you to develop a functional solution.

AGM is also pleased to be able to offer solid desiccants, either brick form or in sheet/film form, which have capacities that rival (roughly 60%) bulk and packaged desiccant.  They use a base polymer (such as nylon, polypropylene and others), a channeling agent, and an active desiccant, either molecular sieve or silica gel.  These materials are thoroughly mixed, then extruded into a usable form for subsequent injection molding or extrusion into thin film sheets. 

These desiccants also have a much slower take-up rate enabling them to be exposed on the bench for several hours without appreciable take-up of moisture (loss of capacity).  These materials generate no appreciable dust, and cannot be regenerated using heat.

Our engineers specialize in developing desiccant solutions for complex applications.  Contact us today to design your custom solution!

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