AGM's Capabilities & Facilities


Inside AGM's dry box while filling a desiccator
AGM's Breather Valve testing stand
AGM's Leak Test Cart uses a Helium Mass Spectrometer leak detector to test the integrity of sealing mechanisms within parts
AGM's Epilog Fusion 40 Laser Engraver

AGM Desiccators are assembled in one of our dry boxes to protect the desiccant from moisture during the assembly. Every breather valve is checked according to precise standards for seal, crack and flow characteristics on our specially designed test stands. Every Shockmaster® is checked for accuracy using either our drop tower or centrifuge. The AGM Leak Test Cart uses a Helium Mass Spectrometer leak detector to test the integrity of sealing mechanisms within parts. With an engraving area of 40 X 28 inches, the Epilog Fusion 40, 75 Watt, CO2 Laser Engraver can engrave the following materials: Wood, Acrylic, Fabric, Glass, Coated Metals, Ceramic, Delrin, Cloth, metals and many more materials. The Epilog Fusion 40 can also cut the following materials: Wood, Acrylic, Fabric, Delrin, Cloth, Leather and many more.



AGM's Machine Shop Mazak
One of AGM's Mazak machines
View inside AGM's Haas machine
AGM's Machine Shop Haas

AGM's Machine Shop can quickly produce prototype sample parts for customer evaluation or full production runs, using the following machines: Mazak-Quick Turn Nexus (QTN)250 MSY-11 Lathe, Mazak-QTN200 MSY-11 Lathe, Mazak-QTN200 MSY MS-11 Lathe, Haas VF3YT Mill, Haas VF5XT Mill, Haas VF3SSYT Mill, Haas Tool Room Lathe, Hardinge Lathe, Kent 3-axis CNC Knee Mill, Lagun Manual Knee Mill, MSC Manual Knee Mill, Scotchman Ironworker, Chevalier Surface Grinder, Kalamazoo Saw, Jet Horizontal Band Saw and Roll IN Vertical Band Saw.



AGM's Sewing Department
Close up view of AGM's Sewing machine in action
AGM's automatic webbing cutter
AGM's automatic webbing cutter in use

Programmable, industrial sewing machines automatically produce precise and unvarying MIL-Spec stitch patterns on Tie Down straps. Our automated webbing cutter enables our Tie Down Department to produce up to 600 precisely cut lengths of webbing per hour.



AGM CAD drawing
An AGM Engineer working
Oven located within AGM's Engineering Lab
AGM's Engineering Lab

AGM's Engineering Department utilizes the latest state of the art, computer-aided design equipment. We have received industry-wide recognition for our ability to design quality products for protection against hostile environments. Our furnaces and temperature/humidity chambers are used to test desiccant, water vapor transmission rates (WVTR) and humidity indicator performance, as well as to pre-condition desiccant with specific moisture levels for art & museum artifact preservation. We also have very high flow test capabilities, up to 2000 SCFM, for large valves or rapid decompression openings.



AGM's Fortus Rapid Prototyping Machine
A small AGM Rapid Prototyping part
A large AGM Rapid Prototyping part
A detailed AGM Rapid Prototyping part

Our Fortus 400mc Rapid Prototype Machine can make parts from ABS, Polycarbonate Ultem and Polyphenyl-Sulfone (PPSF). As such, AGM’s customers now have immediate availability of a conception physical model prior to full-scale production. This provides design optimization, as well as saving time and money in the event of a design flaw or a need for a design change.



Using AGM's Optical Comparator to inspect a part
Using AGM's CMM machine to test and inspect a part
AGM's Quality Assurance department inspecting a part using pin gages
Instron 3382 Floor Model Universal Testing System is ideal for tension and/or compression applications for tests

As part of their extensive dimensional and physical testing procedures, our Quality Assurance Department utilizes a Coordinate Measuring Machine and an Optical Comparator. Strap assemblies and components are load tested on our new Instron mechanical load tester. This equipment, along with other QA tools and gages, help to ensure that all AGM products accurately meet all defined requirements. The Instron 3382 Floor Model Universal Testing System is ideal for tension and/or compression applications for tests up 100 kN (22,500 lbf); and provides industry standard test data. The 3382 ensures that AGM meets the requirements of our Defense and Aerospace customers.



Bulk desiccant products stored within AGM's warehouse
AGM's warehouse stocked with bulk desiccant products
AGM's warehouse stocked with packaged desiccant products
Packaged desiccant stored in AGM's warehouse

AGM offers a full line of desiccant products (clay, silica gel, molecular sieve and activated alumina), as well as VCI paper and Humidity Indicator Cards, all of which help protect our customers' products from deterioration due to moisture. Custom packaging services are also available.

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