Desi View Bags

Desi View Bags

Desi View®, which features one side of Tyvek® and one side of clear film, allows for quick visual inspection of whether the desiccant has achieved its moisture vapor capacity.

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Desi View® is specially designed to visually indicate when the desiccant has reached its capacity to adsorb moisture.  When the blue gel in the Desi View bag changes to pink, it has done its job and is ready to be replaced.  It's that simple! No guesswork!

Desi View bags are composed of one opaque side and one clear film side.  They contain a combination of silica gel and blue indicating gel.  Upon visual inspection, one is able to quickly ascertain whether or not the desiccant bag has achieved its moisture vapor capacity, and whether or not the desiccant bag needs to be replaced.  Simply replace the Desi View bag when the blue gel has changed to pink.  Desi View bags are tear resistant, dust-free and lint-free.  Perfect for protection of electronics, aerospace, and industrial products.

Desi View (Silica Gel Desiccant)
Unit Bag Size
AGM Part Number
Previous Part Number
Bag Size (Inches)
Bags Per Container
Container Weight
3 X 3-1/4
15 lbs.
5 X 4-3/4
22 lbs.


Additional Information

Part Number DesiView
Product Type Desi View
Name Desi View Bags
Weight 0.00
Stock Status Special Order
Standard Packaging per pail
Container Type per pail
Container Weight lbs ( KG)
Material Tyvek
Desiccant Type Silica Gel
Type Indicating

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