Container Dri II Tyvek bag

Container Dri II Tyvek

Container Dri II is a new generation of packaging protection for the reduction of dew point and the control of condensation.

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Product Description


AGM Part Number
Previous Part Number
Bag Size (Inches)
Bags Per Container
Container Weight
5-3/4 x 10-1/4
11 lbs.
5-3/4 x 10-1/4
19 lbs.
5-3/4 x 10-1/4
123 lbs.


AGM offers individual Container Dri® II bags in a variety of quantities and are filled with a calcium chloride desiccant housed in a Tyvek substrate. These Container Dri II bags are specifically designed to reduce dew point levels, thus controlling the condensation that might form inside a shipping container. The bags will enable water vapor to enter the bag and once inside will turn into a thick gel that can’t leak or escape. The Container Dri II bags are non-toxic and considered FDA approved for contact with food and drugs. Since these bags are safe to use they may be disposed of with regular waste, when needed.

These individual Container Dri II bags can easily be spread throughout the shipping container into crevices and hard to reach places to evenly distribute absorption and provide the ultimate protection from condensation.

Usage Requirements:
All bags are 125 grams each. Recommended usage is 32 bags for a standard 20-foot shipping container and 64 bags for a standard 40-foot container.

Please note that these are general recommendations and that travel time, weather conditions, temperature variations, and final destination may significantly affect the levels of relative humidity encountered during the voyage.


Additional Information

Part Number ContainerDriIITyvek
Name Container Dri II Tyvek
Product Size 5.75" x 10.25"
Stock Status Typically Stocked
Standard Packaging
Container Weight lbs ( KG)
Material Tyvek
Gram Size 125
Desiccant Type Calcium Chloride/Starch
Complies With FDA Approved

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