Container Dri II Pole

Container Dri II Pole - Gaylord

Container Dri II Pole is a new generation of packaging protection for the reduction of dew point and the control of condensation designed for easy hanging inside shipping containers.

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Container Dri® II Pole is a long desiccant bag which has a wooden spine and is affixed with a top hook to allow for easy hanging inside containers. The size of the Container Dri II Pole is perfect for lengthy travel times and longer distances via land or sea. This rigid design enables the Container Dri II Poles to be hung high up in the shipping container for an optimal location to capture any humidity forming inside.

Usage Requirements:
Poles are 750 grams and each Gaylord contains 200 poles. Recommended usage is 6 poles for a standard 20-foot shipping container and 12 poles for a standard 40-foot container.

Please note that travel time, weather conditions, temperature variations, and final destination may significantly affect the levels of relative humidity encountered during the voyage.


Additional Information

Part Number 25421228005
Previous Part Number 200013278
Name Container Dri II Pole - Gaylord
Product Size 200/gaylord
Stock Status Special Order
Standard Packaging 200 per gaylord
Container Type per gaylord
Container Weight 785 lbs (356 kg)
Gram Size 750
Desiccant Type Calcium Chloride/Starch
Complies With FDA Approved

Technical Sheets

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