Breather Valve TA750

Meets SAE Specification AS 27166 & MIL-DTL-27166

AGM TA750 is a one-way pressure & vacuum relief breather valve & maintains the desired pressure differentials at a flow rate of 10.5 scfm at 1.5 psi.

These one-way Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves are installed in pairs, with one inlet and one outlet valve being used. Together they maintain the desired pressure differentials in the container.

TA750 Series valves have a flow rate of 10.5 SCFM at a pressure of 1.5 psi above the valve setting. Standard settings range from 0.5 psid to 3.0 psid reseal pressure.

The valves are tamper-proof and require no field maintenance. Corrosion-resistant materials are used throughout. The special convolute diaphragms and valve seals are made of silicone rubber. The spherical valve seats are Teflon coated for easy "break-away" action even after prolonged storage.

Manual release push buttons or twist knobs are available on the inlet valves as an optional feature. These are used to equalize pressure or vacuum differentials in order to open the container.

Materials Housing & Nut - Die-Cast Machined Aluminum, Gasket - AMS-R-6855 Class II Grade 60
Finish Housing & Nut - Alodine
Mounting Requirements Nut gasket & washer, provided with each valve
Mounting Hole Diameter 2.020 (51 mm)
Installation Torque 80 in. - lbs. (9.0 N•m)
Maximum Wall Thickness 0.31 (8 mm)
Weight TA750-P - 0.31 lbs. (140 grams), TA750-VR - 0.32 lbs. (grams)

TA750 Drawing

TA750 Performance Chart

* To convert to metric equivalent (millibars) mulitply by 69.
† To convert to metric equivalent (liters/sec) multiply by 0.472.
AGM can also supply TA750 Valves with other settings than those shown above. Please contact AGM for availability. Before making drawings of these valves, contact AGM for part numbers to be used.

Part Number Configuration
Outlet Valves (Flow in the "P" direction)
TA750 - P - XX
Inlet Valves (Flow in the "V" direction)
TA750 - V - XX
With Manual Release (push button style)
TA750 - VR - XX
With Manual Release with Hold feature (twist knob style)
TA750 - VRH - XX

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