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3 g DESI PAK GDTII Packets

Economical desiccant in a cost-effective package
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1.06" X 2.00"

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0.87 x 1.38
15 lbs.
1.06 x 2
16 lbs.
1.06 x 2.24
18 lbs.


Desi Pak® clay desiccant is a chemically inert, non-corrosive, calcium aluminosilicate clay. The internal structure of this calcium-rich montmorillonite is a layer structure which attracts and adsorbs moisture onto its surface and between its layers.

Clay is the least expensive of all desiccants and highly effective within normal temperature and relative humidity ranges. It is used in most industrial applications requiring humidity control. Clay can adsorb up to 28% of its weight in water vapor at 77°F and 80% relative humidity. At full moisture vapor capacity, Desi Pak remains dry and free-flowing. There is no apparent change in size, shape, or texture of the desiccant.

Desi Pak unit bags exceed the requirements of Mil-D-3464E in actual performance and will exceed the moisture vapor adsorption of silica gel at government specification levels. Desi Pak montmorillonite clay is a naturally occurring mineral as opposed to a chemically synthesized adsorbent. Therefore, it is more economical than silica gel desiccant or molecular sieve desiccant.

The Desi Pak performance curve exceeds both the military specification, which is the industry standard, and the silica gel performance curve for these same specifications.

GDTII Packets: This packet material is the best value for most small packaging applications. GDTII is tear-resistant , flexible, low-linting, allows a high adsorption rate, and features good seal strength. Desi Pak in GDTII packets is also approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for direct contact with food and pharmaceuticals.

Desi Pak in gram size packets are typically used to protect small enclosures; they range in size from 1/4 gram to 10 grams.


Additional Information

Part Number 29844727698
Previous Part Number 27297927698
Product Type Desi Pak
Name 3 g DESI PAK GDTII Packets
Product Size 1.06" x 2.00"
Weight 0.00 ounces
Stock Status Special Order
Standard Packaging 2000 per pail
Container Type per pail
Container Weight 16 lbs (7.3 KG)
Material GDTII
Desiccant Type Clay
Gram Size 3
Complies With FDA Approved
Type Non-Indicating
Cubic Centimeters Protected 400

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