10 g SORB-IT (Silica Gel) Tyvek Packets

10 g SORB-IT (Silica Gel) Tyvek Packets

Extreme moisture absorption in a cost-effective solution for small packaging applications
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2.75" X 3.00"

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Gram Size
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1.06 x 2.05
20 lbs.
2.75 x 3.0
17 lbs.


Sorb-It packaged silica gel desiccant is made from amorphous silicate. It is a hard, translucent material with an extremely high capacity for moisture at temperatures below 75°F and at humidity levels above 40% RH. Sorb-It is designed to control moisture levels within packaged products. The function of Sorb-It when controlling moisture is like that of a tiny sponge with millions of microscopic pores. Under very low humidity conditions, a small amount of water vapor will be adsorbed in the smallest pores. As humidity increases, the large pores will begin to fill. Unlike a sponge, however, Sorb-It remains dry and free-flowing, even at maximum adsorption capacity.

Tyvek is made from a spunbonded olefin. Tyvek bags are made from high density polyethylene fibers, making them extremely tear-resistant. In addition, Tyvek is lightweight, flexible, smooth, low-linting, and is resistant to water, chemical abrasion, and aging.

Sorb-It in Tyvek bags won't promote corrosion and contains no sulfur. Tyvek bags containing Sorb-It meet the requirements of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for direct contact with food and pharmaceuticals. Sorb-It in Tyvek bags also meets Type I & II of MIL-D-3464E (except 16 unit size, which can only be certified to MIL-D-3464E in the string sewn bag). This means the bags can be used for general purpose or non-dusting applications. MIL-D-3464E dust testing has yielded a result of less than 0.5 mg of dust when Sorb-It is packaged in Tyvek, which truly makes it a dust-free desiccant.

Sorb-It in gram size packets are typically used to protect small enclosures.


Additional Information

Part Number 27317927698
Previous Part Number 25371427698
Product Type Sorb It
Name 10 g SORB-IT (Silica Gel) Tyvek Packets
Product Size 2.75" x 3.00"
Weight 0.00 ounces
Stock Status Special Order
Standard Packaging 600 pail
Container Type pail
Container Weight 17 lbs (7.7 KG)
Material Tyvek
Desiccant Type Silica Gel
Gram Size 10
Complies With FDA Approved
Type Non-Indicating
Cubic Centimeters Protected 1900

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