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The Chamber Edge (Spring 2016): “How to Super-Charge Your Company's Workforce Education Program!"
AGM’s President, Howard Stewart, discusses AGM's Education Reimbursement Program and the importance of employers to offer such programs.


Air Cargo World (September 21, 2015):“Container Protection: Avoid Costly Damage with New Magnet Valve for Air Cargo"
AGM Container Controls has announced a new line of valves which release pressure five times faster than other valves used in air cargo.

Biz Tucson (Summer 2015) Page 182:“BBB Torch Awards Honor Three Firms"
AGM Container Controls was awarded the Good Neighbor Award at the 2015 BBB's Torch Awards.

Inside Tucson Business (May 15, 2015):“Better Business Bureau passes the Torch to local businesses"
AGM Container Controls was recognized with the Good Neighbor Award at the BBB's annual Torch Awards.

Tucson News Now (May 11, 2015):“BBB announces 2015 Torch award winners"
AGM Container Controls was awarded the Good Neighbor Award.

Inside Tucson Business (May 1, 2015):“SMB Best Community Engagement: AGM Container Controls emerging as region leader"
AGM's President/CEO, Howard Stewart discusses AGM's educational reimbursement program.

Tucson News Now (April 2, 2015): “BBB AZ announces Torch Awards finalists"
AGM Container Controls is one of three companies nominated for the Good Neighbor Award.

PRWeb (March 23, 2015): “US Federal Contractor Registration: AGM Container Controls Inc Wins Over $801,000 in Government Contracts Thanks to the Simplified Acquisition Program"
AGM Container Controls has been a Verified Vendor with US Federal Contractor Registration since November 2013, and has been enrolled in the Simplified Acquisition Program since June 2014.

KGUN 9 News (Feburary 10, 2015): “Have a look inside three top companies"
AGM Container Controls was one of three hi-tech companies featured in KGUN9 News. Learn more about the skills that are needed to succeed in our industry, as well as what kinds of things AGM is doing to help our employees thrive, whether it's at AGM or elsewhere.

The Chamber Edge (Winter 2015): “Improving Education is Everyone's Business"
AGM’s President, Howard Stewart, discusses the partnership between United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona and Strive Together, which aims to improve educational opportunities for students from cradle to career.


Inside Tucson Business (November 14, 2014): “Howlett, Southern Arizona CFOs honored during annual awards"
Inside Tucson Business honored some of Southern Arizona's top chief financial officers from a variety of industries, including Ellen Howlett, AGM's CFO.

Inside Tucson Business (October 31, 2014): “Companies more than $15 million"
Inside Tucson Business spotlights the nominees for CFO of the Year Awards, which includes AGM Container Controls' CFO Ellen Howlett.

The Chamber Edge (Winter 2014): “Get Behind the United Way of Tucson and Make a Difference"
Tucson Metro Chamber spotlights AGM Container Controls' continuing support of the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona.


Tucson News Now (September 2013): “Tucson Metro Chamber honors Copper Cactus Award winners"
The Tucson Metro Chamber honors 13 award winners of the prestigious Copper Cactus, including AGM Container Controls. AGM was recognized in the category of "Innovation Through Technology". AGM is the first company to win a Copper Cactus in all five categories.

Tucson News Now (May 2013): “U.S. Rep. Ron Barber tours AGM Container Controls, sees jobs and business in district firsthand"
Congressman Ron Barber (D-AZ-2) tours AGM Container Controls to see firsthand the jobs the production of U.S. Navy carriers brings to Arizona's Second District.

Arizona Daily Star (April 2013): “Star 200: Southern Arizona careers in takeoff mode”
PCC Aviation Tech Program finds big demand for its grads; shortage of skilled machinists sparks new program.


Arizona Daily Star (November 2012): “Tucson businessmen visit Sonora to showcase products for Mexico”
Howard Stewart and other CEOs in Tucson discuss the importance of looking at Mexico to expand their businesses.

KGUN 9 News (June 2012): "BEAR Program"
Howard Stewart talks about how he'd like to expand AGM and hire more people if the City of Tucson revises its building codes and cuts developer fees.

Better Business Bureau (April 2012):"BBB Announces 2012 Torch Awards Winners"
AGM is named a finalist to the BBB's Torch Awards in the "Good Neighbor" category, which recognizes a company that has shown a commitment to making Southern Arizona a better place through community service. See AGM's finalist video.

Arizona Daily Star (April 2012):  "Tucson-Based AGM Container Controls Wins SBA Honor"
AGM's founding family was recognized twice in the last month, first with the SBA's Family-Owned Business of the Year, and then with a NIPHLE award for over 50 years of service to the military packaging industry.

Arizona Small Business Administration (March 2012): "2012 Jeffrey Butland Family-Owned Business of the Year"
AGM's Stewart family is recognized with the Arizona Chapter of the Small Business Administration's Jeffrey Butland Family-Owned Business of the Year award.

AGM’s Quality Systems Manager, Rick BeMiller, is retiring April 6, 2012. His replacement will be David Dolana. Please contact AGM if you require any additional information.

PRWeb (February 2012):  "Tucson Family Recognized for Decades of Service"
AGM's Stewart family is recognized with two NIPHLE awards for long-term contributions to the military packaging and handling industry.


American Machinist (December 2011):  “Ready to move on? Consider selling to employees”
Businesses whose owners are looking for an exit strategy have the often unexplored option of selling the company to its employees, all while reaping huge benefits. (December 2011): "E-Verify holds hiring hope for firms. Or does it?"
Ellen Howlett, AGM’s Chief Financial Officer, and other CFOs discuss the benefits and disadvantages of using E-Verify when hiring employees.

What's Working in Human Resources (November 2011) Page 5:  "Staff gives to charity, pelts exec with balloons"
AGM sets an example as a company that is involved in the community through a fun workplace campaign, but keeps costs for running and managing a campaign low.

Inside Tucson Business (October 2011): "Students get academic, real-world training at San Miguel High School"
"I thought it was a great way for AGM to give back," Stewart said. AGM Container Controls manufactures hardware for containers that hold military weaponry...

Manufacturing Engineer (September 2011): "Optoelectronics – Nitrogen Purging"
Customer Advanced Laser Systems Technology discusses the benefits of purging with nitrogen in order to maintain an ultra-dry environment within equipment and other moisture-sensitive objects.

The Arizona Daily Star online (August 2011):  "Tucson Tech:  Looming defense cuts worry local firms"
Howard Stewart discusses how upcoming cuts to the U.S. Defense Budget will impact government suppliers, particularly small businesses.

San Francisco Chronicle (July 2011):  “AGM offers award-winning manufacturing services, stability”
AGM President Howard Stewart discusses employee retention, layoff-avoidance ideas, and the keys to remaining successful, even in a sluggish economy.

The Dan Lovallo Radio Program, WDRC, FM 102.9 (July 2011):  Interview Part 1; Interview Part 2
Howard Stewart talks to Dan Lovallo from WDRC in Connecticut about employee retention, benefits, the business environment in Arizona, and keeping steady in troubled times.

The Arizona Republic (May 2011):  "Tucson firm celebrates 20 years with no layoffs"
AGM celebrates 20 years without a layoff, a rare occasion in today’s business environment.

Arizona Public Media (April 2011):  "A Family-Run Secret"
PBS featured AGM as one of Tucson's successful secrets, a company that has maintained steady growth even during the recession, thanks to Management's resourcefulness and carefully planned expansion.

Support Adult Education Arizona (February 2011):  “Adult Basic Education Strengthens Tucson’s Workforce and Builds Local Business
AGM Container Controls is featured as a small business that greatly benefits from Tucson’s adult education program by creating a stronger, more educated workforce.

Tucson Lifestyle (January 2011): "Taking Healthy Living to Heart: Local Events Help Fight Heart Disease, Stroke"
Howard Stewart and other local business leaders talk about how their companies are taking healthy living to heart.


Arizona Small Business Association (October 2010): "AGM Container Controls Named an Inc. 5000 Company"
ASBA announces that AGM was named an Inc. 5000 company in 2010.

Inside Tucson Business (October 2010): "Eight Tucson firms named to Inc. 5000"
Inside Tucson Business congratulates all eight local companies that were recognized as Inc. 5000 companies.

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona (2010): "2010 United Way Circle of Excellence Winners"
United Way recognizes all the winners from their annual Circle of Excellence awards ceremony.


U.S. Chamber online (June 2009): Winning Company's Video
Footage of AGM--the winning company of the U.S. Chamber's Small Business of the Year award.

Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce (June 2009): "AGM Named Small Business of the Year"
The Tucson Chamber congratulates AGM on winning the prestigious U.S. Chamber's Small Business of the Year award.

The John Adam Show Radio (May 2009): Interview
Howard Stewart, AGM's President, discusses the factors that he believes contribute to a successful company.

U.S. Chamber online (May 2009): "U.S. Chamber Names AGM Container Controls, Inc. America's Small Business of the Year"
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announces that AGM Container Controls is the winner of their national Small Business of the Year Award.

U.S. Chamber online (May 2009):"SB Summit -- And The Winner Is..."
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announces that AGM Container Controls is the winner of their national Small Business of the Year Award.

KOLD News 13 online (May 2009): "Local Business Earns National Honor"
AGM employees talk about the products they manufacture, the markets they serve, and what makes AGM a special place to work.

The Arizona Daily Star online (May 2009): "Local Company Garners Top National Recognition"
Thomas J. Donahue, President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and others discuss what they attribute to AGM's success.

ESOP Association online (May 2009): "ESOP company named Small Business of the Year by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce"
The ESOP Association acknowledges member AGM Container Controls as the winner of the prestigios national award presented by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

U.S. Chamber online (April 2009): "Small Business Voices"
Howard Stewart, AGM’s President, speaks on mentorship, health care, taxes, frivolous law suits, and Card Check, as well as his thoughts on supporting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

BizTucson magazine online (April 2009):"U.S. Chamber Narrows Field for National Awards"
AGM Container Controls has been selected as one of seven regional finalists for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year award.

U.S. Chamber magazine (March 2009): "Chamber Narrows Field for Small Business of the Year Award"
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce releases their list of the seven regional finalists for their Small Business of the Year Award, which includes the winners of each region.

Inside Tucson Business (March 2009): "AGM Container Controls Wins National Honor"
AGM Container Controls is recognized for being one of 56 winners of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's 2009 Blue Ribbon Small Business Award.

Inside Tucson Business (January 2009): "25 Finalists Named for SASIE Awards"
AGM Container Controls is recognized for being named one of 25 finalists for the SASIE Awards presented by the Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA).

Inside Tucson Business (January 2009): "R&D Tax Credits Save More Than $47M, But Are Underused"
Howard Stewart, AGM's President, discusses the benefits of Research & Development tax credits to help spur innovation and create jobs in Arizona.


Arizona Daily Star (August 2008): "Tucson Container-Control Firm a Success Story"
AGM Container Controls' successful trajectory, employee programs, high-quality products and overall best practices are featured in this article.

Arizona Daily Star (July 2008): "Diesel Tax Cut Proposed"
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords holds a press conference at AGM Container Controls and discusses the benefits of her proposal to cut diesel taxes. (July 2008): "Giffords Makes Push on Energy Legislation"
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords announces her Diesel Tax Parity Act at AGM Container Controls.

Fox 11 News (July 2008): "Diesel Costs Hurt Small Business"
Fox News 11 reports on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' press conference at AGM Container Controls to discuss the benefits of her proposal to cut diesel taxes.


Compass Bank magazine (Fall 2007): "Spotlight Arizona: AGM Container Controls, Inc: Proactive Cost Control"
Compass Bank spotlights AGM Container Controls for its proactive cost management mindset and how it can be integrated in company culture.

NFIB magazine (August 2007): "NFIB/Arizona Honors Two Tucson-Area Members"
The National Federation of Independent Businesses honor two Tucson members, including AGM Container Controls, for long-standing support of NFIB issues and 40-year membership.