Protecting Your Valuables From Moisture Damage

The 61st Annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show® is here, and as everyone gears up for a great show, don’t forget to protect your metals, jewelry and gemstones from the harmful effects of moisture. Tucson may be in the desert, but humidity and moisture during transport and storage can significantly degrade the quality of your products.

So what can you do to protect your valuable products?

Keep them someplace free of moisture

Gemstones and jewelry can be susceptible to getting tarnished. Silver, a popular metal used in jewelry, is highly prone to becoming tarnished when exposed to the elements. Other metals and some minerals can also rust over time. A general rule for maintaining the lifespan of these types of valuables is to keep them in a very dry environment, when not in use. So whenever a metal or gemstone is not being used, it’s important that they’re kept in dry, moisture-free containers and enclosures. This is particularly important when transporting your valuables across the country to your next gem show, as humidity, even at low levels, can cause damage.

To help keep the enclosure dry, use packaged desiccant to absorb any moisture in the air. Desi Pak or Sorb-It GDTII packets have been widely used to protect jewelry and gemstones from moisture damage, and can also be used directly in the jewelry or display boxes. Desiccant packets have silica gel or clay inside, and they work by absorbing and trapping any moisture and humidity that’s in the air. These bags and packets are small, although they come in many different sizes. Best of all, they’re economical and easy to use!

There are two products that are recommended for use with jewelry and gemstones. Desi Pak GDTII packets are comprised of a clay desiccant that absorbs moisture in contained environments. Sorb-It GDTII packets contain silica gel desiccant, which prevents corrosion, mildew, mold, rust and other moisture damage during storage and/or shipping.

Moisture absorbents, such as silica gel or clay desiccant, are used to eliminate humidity and prevent damage from occurring on the products. AGM supplies both Desi Pak and Sorb-It GDTII packets, which are widely used in protecting jewelry, metals and precious gemstones from becoming tarnished due to humidity and subsequent condensation that is formed in a contained environment.

Jewelry companies are having such a great experience with using desiccant packets to protect their valuables that AGM is now supplying packaged desiccant to one of the U.S.’s largest retail companies. This retailer utilizes the desiccant packet inside the individual jewelry boxes to prevent damage from occurring during shipment and storage of that merchandise.

AGM Container Controls is a distributor for a wide variety of desiccant bags and packets to help keep your valuables looking their best and…valuable

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