AGM’s High Flow Rate testing services are ideal for those who want to develop a flow profile a high flow device.

Flow Bench Discharge Orifice Valve in Place for high flow rate testing


High Flow Testing Capabilities:

AGM’s Jamison HF Series Flow Bench is custom made for AGM to have the highest flow rate available for any commercial flow bench. This flow bench will test the resistance to flow of almost any device placed in the discharge orifice.

With an electronically controlled blower speed, the flow bench can achieve up to an 80 inches of H2O pressure drop across the discharge orifice and a flow of approximately 1250 CFM with a potential to go higher if needed. Contact AGM’s Engineering Department to discuss project requirements.

Maximum Flow Discharge Area:

5-inch (127 mm) diameter

Benefits of High Flow Testing:

• Ability to develop a flow profile for high flow devices.
• Modular design to accommodate any 5-inch diameter or smaller high flow device.
• AGM can design a custom adaptor to mount almost any device to the test bench.
• Data available in electronic format (CFM, Pressure Drop).
• Test bench is calibrated to an NIST traceable instrument.

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