Contract Manufacturing


AGM offers MIG and TIG steel welding services, and cutting services, for most mild steel applications. AGM also offers industrial labeling and packaging, as well as pad printing. From start to finish, AGM's contract services are specialized for your needs.

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For over 60 years, AGM has been the leader in the design and manufacture of environmental controls for aerospace and defense industries. AGM now offers the same level of superior quality and precision manufacturing that has been a hallmark of our OEM products through our expanded Contract Manufacturing services.

From design to fabrication, or any step in the manufacturing process, let AGM know how we can service your manufacturing needs! We specialize in manufacturing container controls, but as illustrated by our 20+ product lines, we are a highly flexible organization that can accommodate any of your manufacturing needs.

¿Habla espanol? AGM's close proximity to Mexico, native Spanish-speaking staff members, and proficiency in international business make AGM an ideal source for your manufacturing needs.