Magnet Valves for Rapid Decompression

Looking for the best protection for air cargo? AGM's TA796 and TA761 Magnet Valves provide near-instantaneous pressure relief, which makes them perfect for protecting air cargo from rapid decompression. These rapid decompression valves can meet pressure requirements that are impossible for comparably-sized spring-actuated valves that open more gradually.

These Magnet Valves, also known as Rapid Decompression valves, are available in a 2" and 4" models, which can be installed in a variety of shipping containers.

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Valves TA796 and TA761
TA796 TA761
Mounting hole diameter (in) 4 (10.16 cm) 2 (5.08 cm)
Height (in) 3.25 (8.25 cm) 2.25 (5.71 cm)
Flow at 1.5 psid (SCFM) 675 135
Cracking ranges available (psid) 0.1-1.5 0.1-1.0
Our magnet valve is 5 times faster to relieve container pressure than a standard spring-actuated spring valve
Typical Flow vs Pressure Chart for AGM's Magnet Valves as compared to spring-actuated valves.

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