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Solving the Aerospace and Defense Industry's Moisture Problems

July 25, 2017

AGM’s Hydra2O provides long-term moisture management solutions to high-tech optical assembly and sealed system developers in the Aerospace and Defense industry. The Hydra2O is the only moisture analysis service capable of utilizing detailed project-specific data and prescribing the necessary measures to meet the specific dryness targets demanded by engineers.

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How Hydra2O Helps: The AGM Difference

Unlike standard packing specifications that cannot specify for moisture requirements beyond the general parameters (such as MIL-STD-2073-1), the Hydra2O Moisture Analysis service takes into account the differing variables that are important to each unique situation, such as the:

  • Estimate of moisture held by materials inside the enclosure when it is sealed;
  • Information about the materials inside of the enclosure;
  • Moisture in hygroscopic materials;
  • Target dryness level and length of time moisture protection is required;
  • Container wall permeability;
  • Material and geometry of any non-metallic enclosure walls;
  • Seal materials, cross-section geometry, and length;
  • Leak down test data (starting and ending pressure, time, gas medium);
  • Environmental exposure conditions; and
  • Environmental conditions under which the enclosure is sealed if not dry gas purged.

By utilizing the above parameters, such as the desiccant isotherms, Hydra2O can prescribe precise desiccant requirements for any dryness level in any enclosure.

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Additional Benefits:

In addition, AGM’s Hydra2O provides several extra benefits that cannot be found elsewhere:

Reduced long-term maintenance and service costsAs a result of the Hydra2O’s prediction accuracy, it is possible to maximize the time interval between desiccant change-outs while being confident that the enclosure contents will not be put at risk. This enables design engineers to explore the tradeoff between the additional upfront costs of premium seals versus the long-term savings associated with reduced product maintenance.
Reduced cost and time risk associated with product performance testingTesting for moisture ingress can be a time-consuming process due to the length of time it typically takes for moisture to work its way into a well-sealed enclosure. Hydra2O reduces this product test time by providing the data necessary to get the design correct the first time – no repeat product testing is required. This often means the difference between a product being the first-to-market or being a "me-too" product.
Reduced design risk associated with uncertainty in input parametersIf the exact conditions to which the product will be exposed are unknown, or there is some uncertainty in input parameters, such as the permeability of one of the enclosure's seals, Hydra2O can quickly determine the effects of parameter variability on the performance of the enclosure and put a boundary on its effects. This provides design engineers with the information they need to address the aspects of the enclosure design that really matter.

Additional Information:

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