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November 27, 2017
How to Calculate the Amount of Desiccant Needed for Rigid Containers

THE TRUTH ABOUT CALCULATING DESICCANT Accurately determining the amount of desiccant needed to properly dehumidify the inside of a rigid storage space can be tricky due to the numerous variables to consider, such as: Volume of the air space to be desiccated; The material to be protected; Moisture surrounding the package; Type of desiccant to […]

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November 27, 2017
What’s the Difference Between Orange and Blue Indicating Silica Gel?

HOW IS INDICATING SILICA GEL DIFFERENT FROM OTHER DESICCANT? Indicating silica gel is chemically treated to transition from one color to another as it adsorbs moisture and eventually saturates. This trait makes bulk silica gel ideal for removing moisture from air and gases. Indicating silica gel also provides a rapid detection method that enables users […]

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