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Tie Down Straps for Trucks
Tie Downs

Truck Tie Downs

AGM’s reusable truck load straps (also called truck tie downs) are made with 2,500 lb. tensile bulked nylon webbing, a 1,500 lb. ratchet buckle and

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Tie Down Straps for Pallets
Tie Downs

Pallet Straps

AGM’s reusable pallet straps (also called pallet tie downs) meet every requirement: easy installation rapid adjustability simple lock-in tensioning quick release unaffected operation due to

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AGM received the 2015 Gold Level Boeing Performance Excellence Award, which is issued annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved a superior performance rating for each month during a 12-month period.

Boeing Performance Excellence Award

AGM Container Controls receives the 2015 Gold Level Boeing Performance Excellence Award. AGM is proud to announce receipt of a 2015 Boeing Performance Excellence Award.

AGM's Thumbtack Valves

AGM’s Thumbtack and ThumbtackPlus Valves

AGM Container Controls continues their trend of innovation with the release of new Thumbtack and ThumbtackPlus Breather Valves. AGM, the award winning and internationally recognized manufacturer