Low-Cost Tie Down Hardware

AGM now offers a variety of low-cost 1", 1-3/4" and 2" Tie Down Hardware. Please contact AGM if you have any questions or require further assistance.

Note: Military, Defense, and Aerospace customers - material certifications are unavailable on these products. Minimum orders may apply.

1" Low-Cost Tie Down Hardware

C413 Over-Center Tie Down
C413S Over-Center Stainless Steel Tie Down
C426 Cam Buckle
C428S Stainless Steel Ratchet Tie Down
C460 Flat Hook
C444 Threading Plate
C450 Double J Hook
C468 Snap Hook
C459 S-Hook
C459S Stainless Steel S-Hook
C459V S-Hook

1-3/4" Low-Cost Tie Down Hardware

C713S Stainless Steel Over-Center Tie Down
  C780 Bolt Plate  

2" Low-Cost Tie Down Hardware

C726 Ratchet Tie Down
C812 Over-Center Buckle
C813S Stainless Steel Over-Center Tie Down
C751 Double J Hook
C764 Snap Hook
C864 Snap Hook
C865 Twisted Snap Hook
C865 Twisted Snap Hook

DISCLAIMER: AGM CONTAINER CONTROLS, INC cannot be held responsible for Tie Down Assemblies made from these components as AGM is not sewing the assembly.