Custom Tie Down Assemblies

Tie Down Assemblies are rated at breaking strengths of 300 or 1,000 lbs. for 1" widths and 2,000 or 5,000 lbs. for 1-3/4" widths. Since a tie down strap assembly is only as strong as its weakest component, make sure that all tie down hardware and webbing components you select have a breaking strength which is equal to or greater than the desired breaking strength for the whole tie down assembly. Please advise our sales department if you will be supplying your own drawing.

  • For ease of operation, we recommend a Quick Disconnect buckle for 2-Piece Assemblies and 1-Piece Loop Assemblies, especially when the tie down strap is to be permanently attached to a surface.

  • Where tie down hardware orientation is an option, hardware is sewn HOOK OPENING DOWN, unless otherwise specified. (Exception: K753 Wire Hook and ALL QUICK DISCONNECTS are sewn with OPENING UP.)

  • Factory adds sufficient webbing for stitch joints and a 6-inch pull tab.  A "How-to-Use" label with rethreading instructions is sewn on tie down strap assemblies with KEVLOK buckles, unless otherwise specified.

  • AGM's standard manufacturing tolerance on tie down strap lengths is ± 0.50 inches up to 99", 100" and over ± 1%.

  • Our standard stitch patterns are the Box X, the WW, and the Bar Tack. However, with our programmable sewing machines, we can make just about any pattern you can think up.

Part Number Assembly Call-Out

In creating a component assembly call-out, you may delete prefixes "K" and "W" on all but the first component part number. AGM will then assign a unique CT part number to this assembly.


For 2-piece assemblies, select end hardware from that shown on AGM's Tie Down website. If you do not specify the end hardware, the strap will be supplied with 1" diameter sewn loops (SL).

Example below: Assembly consists of K413 BUCKLE, a K460 QUICK DISCONNECT, a fixed length "F" of 24 inches with a K480 ANCHOR PLATE, and an adjustable length "A" of 40 inches with a K468 SNAP HOOK, made with W1404-RD (RED) BULKED NYLON WEBBING, and a K439 PROTECTOR PAD under the buckle.

Over-Center Drawing

Custom Chart

Example below: Assembly consists of K413 BUCKLE, a K460 QUICK DISCONNECT and a total circumference of 60 inches, made with W1404-BK (BLACK) bulked nylon webbing.

1-Piece Loop Drawing

For the K426 and K428 fasteners, the fixed and adjustable lengths are defined as shown below.

Ratchet Drawing


Cam Drawing