Mini Immersion Proof Breather TA254-2

TA251-1 Immersion Proof Breather Valve

The TA254-2 Immersion Proof Breather is the smallest breather AGM has available. Made from black nylon, the TA254-2 utilizes a 3 x 0.5 mm thread for secure mounting and has an 8 mm diameter head that is only 3 mm thick for an extremely low profile.

The TA254-2 is appropriate for use on NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3R, 3S, 3X, 3RX, 3SX, 4, 4X, 5, 6, 6P, 12, 12K, and 13 enclosures, as well as IP65/IP67 enclosures.

TA254-1 drawing

Part No. : TA254-2
3 x 0.5 mm
Nylon, black