2 g SORB-IT® (Silica Gel) Tyvek® Packets

2 g SORB-IT® (Silica Gel) Tyvek® Packets

Extreme moisture absorption in a cost-effective solution for small packaging applications
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0.87" X 2.08"

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0.87 x 2.09
24 lbs.
1.06 x 2.05
20 lbs.
2.75 x 3.00
17 lbs.


Sorb-It packaged silica gel desiccant is made from amorphous silicate. It is a hard, translucent material with an extremely high capacity for moisture at temperatures below 75°F and at humidity levels above 40% RH. Sorb-It is designed to control moisture levels within packaged products. The function of Sorb-It when controlling moisture is like that of a tiny sponge with millions of microscopic pores. Under very low humidity conditions, a small amount of water vapor will be adsorbed in the smallest pores. As humidity increases, the large pores will begin to fill. Unlike a sponge, however, Sorb-It remains dry and free-flowing, even at maximum adsorption capacity.

Tyvek is made from a spunbonded olefin. Tyvek bags are made from high density polyethylene fibers, making them extremely tear-resistant. In addition, Tyvek is lightweight, flexible, smooth, low-linting, and is resistant to water, chemical abrasion, and aging.

Sorb-It in Tyvek bags won't promote corrosion and contains no sulfur. Tyvek bags containing Sorb-It meet the requirements of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for direct contact with food and pharmaceuticals. Sorb-It in Tyvek bags also meets Type I & II of MIL-D-3464E (except 16 unit size, which can only be certified to MIL-D-3464E in the string sewn bag). This means the bags can be used for general purpose or non-dusting applications. MIL-D-3464E dust testing has yielded a result of less than 0.5 mg of dust when Sorb-It is packaged in Tyvek, which truly makes it a dust-free desiccant.

Sorb-It in gram size packets are typically used to protect small enclosures; they range in size from 2 grams to 10 grams.


Additional Information

Part Number 27295627698
Previous Part Number 24881427698
Product Type Sorb It
Name 2 g SORB-IT® (Silica Gel) Tyvek® Packets
Product Size 0.87" x 2.08"
Weight 0.00 ounces
Stock Status Special Order
Standard Packaging 3000 pail
Container Type pail
Container Weight 24 lbs (10.9 KG)
Material Tyvek
Desiccant Type Silica Gel
Gram Size 2
Complies With FDA Approved
Type Non-Indicating

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